What is the difference between Switched On LITE and ADVANCED?

Switched On LITE is a free snapshot of the most critical benchmarking metrics relevant to ecommerce businesses in Australia. Switched On ADVANCED gives access to a host of additional benchmarking metrics including Device, Age, Gender & Channel through interactive dashboards, as well as regular Ecommerce Insights reporting and the Retailer Top 500.

What data is available in the Switched On LITE Retailer Benchmarking compared to ADVANCED?

Below is an overview of the core metrics available in each version of Retailer Benchmarking:

RevenueBenchmark IndustryRevenue (Actual & Forecast)Benchmark Industry
SessionsDate Range
Conversion Rate
Conversion RateDevice
Average Order Value
Average Order ValueChannel

Bounce RateAge

Ad Clicks & CostGender

Shopping BehaviourSocial

+ moreNew/Returning Users

State (New)

By default, the Switched On LITE dashboard shows your data against the industry benchmark data for the past 4 weeks, but the Switched On ADVANCED has date filters that allow you to see a custom timeframe of over 3 years worth of historical data.

Can I see an example of the benchmarking dashboards?

A copy of the basic Switched On LITE Retailer Benchmarking dashboard is available for download below. The insights available in Switched On ADVANCED are considerable, so it is best to book a demo to understand its full capability.