Where does Power Retail get its benchmark data from?

Our benchmark data is a combination of subscriber Google Analytics data, and expert analysis created by the Power Retail analytics team.

Will other retailers be able to see my data?

Absolutely not, we understand that this data is confidential and have taken all possible steps to build a secure, robust platform that will only display your own information, and our benchmark data. Everything is displayed as an aggregated average of live data combined with expert analysis in a confidential manner. We do not disclose who is using our platform or how many retailers are included. If you require further details on the security of our platform or a Non-Disclosure Agreement at any stage, please don't hesitate to contact your account manager.

What happens if I don't connect my Google Analytics data?

We have a separate dashboard specifically for this scenario. While you won't be able to compare your data directly to your own, you will still have access to all benchmarks and filters.

How does Power Retail ensure the quality of this benchmark data?

All retailer data is scrutinized before being used in a benchmark industry.  This is done to ensure that anomalies caused by technical issues do not skew the numbers.  This is regularly validated, and exceptions are made where required.